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Audio Recording Studio

Studio EZCoast is a favourite in Montreal, because of its unique design, its efficient control and isolation booths, and the client area.

​​Studio Specifications

Production Room

The production room is a fully treated production suite with a selection of high quality plug-ins and outboard gear. Also included are selected vintage instruments and amps for your production needs. A skylight allows for natural lighting all day. 18x18, treated room with 10ft ceilings


Sound Room

The sound room is a 10x6, treated room with 10ft ceilings, a 16 input access panel, and over thirty vintage microphones. 10x6, treated room with 10ft ceilings


Just next to the studio is a terrace, and picnic area that have a cool vibe.  Many clients like to sit back and relax and between takes at EZcoast.


Equipement and Instrument list


Wutlitzer 200a

Fender Blues Junior

Shure CM-311 Ribbon

Avalon 737

Roland Juno 106

Shure KSM9

Soundcraft Custom 8 Pre

Roland RE-201 Echo

BlueSky System1 Monitors

Audio Technica 4041


Digi 003

RME Fireface UCX

Neumann U87

Vox AC-15

Fender Telecaster

Moog Grandmother

Beyer MC740

Fender Rhodes Stage Mark I

Mark Bass Amp

Yamaha NS-10m


Shure 520dx

Our Team



With a passion for Rap and R&B music, Daniel has been producing and engineering for the past 15 years. In this time, he has worked on more than 30 albums, and with many well-known artists. More recently, he has had been producing in Morocco, where he encountered many talented musicians. Call Daniel if you want an experienced sound engineer, or if you want to produce a smokin’ track!



Mher picked up guitar at age 11 and has since went on to practice a variety skills including: singing, songwriting, recording, producing, and mixing. His abilities are showcased in his first full-length album that was written, recorded, and mixed in his home studio. His most recent interests lie in analog synthesis and acoustic drum recordings



Faty has been singing since her childhood, and has worked for many events and venues in Morocco, France and Spain. Singer, and Vocal Coach, she also has a background in Marketing/Event planning
and would gladly help you in developing your Vocal path.

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